Industrial Device

High decibel noise in industrial and manufacturing environments not only reduces productivity but also puts workers' health at risk. Studies have shown that exposure to high levels of noise can lead to stress and fatigue, which can lead to work-related injuries or hearing loss. The working environment polluted by high-intensity noise (such as the working noise of heavy construction machinery and metal processing plants and other disturbing sounds) can restore the noise to an acceptable level by installing Yadina melamine foam sound-absorbing panels . Yadina melamine foam wall panels and reflectors can comprehensively reduce and control noise and reverberation in factories, assembly plants and other industrial settings by blocking and filtering sound waves. Yadina melamine foam can solve the problem of industrial noise before it becomes invisible, and has helped countless companies protect the health of their employees and save expensive insurance claims.

The melamine foam produced by Yadina is resistant to high temperature (high temperature peak reaches 240 ℃) and flame retardant (B1 level flame retardant, UL94 vertical combustion V0 level) (noise reduction coefficient NRC=0.95), making it a good choice for industrial noise reduction. Efficient  olution. After cutting, Yadina melamine foam board can be directly used on the ceiling and wall of the factory building to achieve the effect of sound absorption. Yadina melamine foam can be processed into pipe insulation layer after special-shaped cutting, which has excellent noise reduction and heat preservation effect on hot water tanks, air-conditioning ventilation pipes, gas pipes, and hot air pipes. Excellent soundabsorbing function and reliable fire-proof characteristics are the most important advantages of Yadina melamine foam, so that it can be used in the noise reduction of the ventilation circulation system of air-conditioning equipment. The inner wall of the fan cover can also be installed with Yadina melamine foam to reduce the noise level. Its low thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance can ensure that it plays an important role.

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