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In addition to the excellent acoustic properties of Yadina melamine foam, its products' high heat insulation, high fire safety, high atomization performance, high chemical resistance, environmental protection and light weight are more and more reflected in the automotive industry worth it. Yadina melamine foam can fully meet the increasing sound insulation needs of the vehicle manufacturing industry. Yadina melamine foam can be compounded with PVC film, felt, non-woven fabric, PU board and other materials and made of wool, fiber, metal sheet, and plastic film. It can be used for equipment Cabins, air ducts, doors, inner walls of compartments, roofs, seats, side wall insulation, floors and sound insulation around the engine, heat insulation components and mufflers. The sound absorption of the laminate is ideal for installation on the underside of car hoods, covers in front of body end walls and transmission ducts. Because the parts with Yadina melamine foam as the core can output relatively high bending strength compared with other sound-absorbing materials, it can reduce the wear and tear on the connecting parts. Due to its excellent composite properties, Yadina melamine foam is also used for noise reduction in the engine room, such as heat insulation and sound insulation panels made of Yadina melamine foam and aluminum foil. The acoustic properties of the inlay trim made of Yadina melamine foam reduce the noise level in the cab.

Yadina melamine foam is also used as filler in the automotive industry due to its elasticity, light weight and excellent acoustic properties. The light weight of the melamine foam produced by Yadina (6-12KG/m³) reduces the weight of the vehicle, improves the safety of cornering and reduces energy consumption. At present, CSR CNR Group has adopted melamine foam as sound and heat insulation materials. The melamine foam produced by Yadina has excellent sound insulation and heat insulation effect, and the comprehensive noise reduction coefficient NRC=0.95, which is the product with the highest sound absorption coefficient among the existing foam materials. Coupled with its B1-level flame-retardant properties, it can meet the national flame-retardant standards for auto parts without flame retardants.

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