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Yadina Melamine Foam

Yadina melamine foam, also known as melamine sponge, foam, or melamine sponge, foam, is a kind of highly open-cell intrinsic flame retardant foamed under specific process conditions with melamine resin as the matrix. Soft foam material. Only when it is in contact with an open flame, the surface will start to burn, and immediately decompose to produce a large amount of inert gas, dilute the surrounding air, and at the same time quickly form dense coke on the surface to effectively isolate oxygen and make the flame self-extinguish without dripping and toxic small molecules, which can eliminate the fire safety hazards of traditional polymer foams. Therefore, without the addition of flame retardants, the flame retardancy of the foam can reach the B1 low flammability material standard (German standard) and the UL94-V0 high flame retardant material standard (American insurance standard) stipulated in DIN4102 association standards). Moreover, the foam material has a three-dimensional grid structure with a porosity of more than 99%, which not only can effectively convert sound waves into vibration energy of the grid to be consumed and absorbed, showing excellent sound insulation performance, but also effectively The convective heat transfer of the blocked air, coupled with the unique thermal stability, makes it have good heat insulation.

At the same time, the density of Yadina melamine foam plastic is only 8-10Kg/m3, which has good machinability and can work in the environment of low temperature -200 ℃ and high temperature up to 200 ℃. It is widely used in buildings, sports fields, factory equipment, Electronic products, automobiles, power batteries, high-speed rail, aerospace, navigation and other fields are especially suitable for sound absorption, noise reduction, vibration reduction, heat insulation and thermal insulation requirements under the conditions of fire prevention, flame retardancy and high temperature. Yadina melamine foam has a magical ability to remove dirt and dirt in the cleaning field; high water absorption and moisture retention make it widely used in fields such as soilless cultivation agriculture and printing ink cartridges.

The size of Yadina melamine foam can reach 1300mm in width and 400mm in height, and the length can be customized appropriately. The width of 1300mm meets the requirements of many industrial sheet widths of 1000mm.

Yadina melamine foam product color: white, gray or other custom colors, can be customized according to customer needs to process various sizes and profiles to meet the needs of different places.

Conventional packaging materials use polyethylene plastic film packaging.


Mo·Raccoon Magic Sponge

Mo·Raccoon Magic sponge wipe is also called nano sponge wipe, it is cut from soft melamine foam (sponge). A magic sponge of regular size contains millions of open polyhedral cavities, the microscopic filaments are as hard as ceramics, and the overall sponge is soft and elastic. The wetting of clean water greatly reduces the wiping friction, and the oil stains and dirt on the surface of the utensils are crushed, scraped, peeled off, crushed, and adsorbed by the tightly fitted hard tow. Compared with sponge wipes such as polyurethane, this product does not need any detergent, and it can easily remove old stains just by wetting it with water. The effect is miraculous and environmentally friendly.