Interfoam2022 Shanghai International Foam Material Technology Industry Exhibition

From April 28 to 30, 2022, we participated in the 6th Shanghai International Foam Material Technology Industry Exhibition held at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition gathered professional buyers from all walks of life. Since we are the only supplier of melamine foam, relevant buyers showed great interest in our company’s products. Preliminary intentions have been reached in many fields such as rail transit, precision electronics, automotive interior and exterior decoration, cleaning, construction, etc.:

· In the field of rail transit, the flame retardancy, noise reduction and thermal insulation of melamine are the biggest highlights, which will be applied to the top and side of the carriage. During the high-speed running of bullet trains and subway trains, keep the cabin relatively quiet and the ambient temperature suitable;

· In the field of precision electronics, the application of hot-pressed melamine in TVs and computer screens is mainly to isolate the electronic sound emitted by electronic components;

· In the field of cleaning, some spare parts for mobile phones need to be polished, and melamine is the most delicate abrasive material;

· In the field of construction, it is used for sound insulation and noise reduction in concert halls, theaters, cinemas and other places.

In addition, this Shanghai International Foam Material Technology Industry Exhibition also allows us to see the needs of some industries that have not been involved before, such as filtration, shoe materials, firewalls, packaging, and soilless cultivation, especially filtration and soilless cultivation. The industry has given us a bright feeling. The extremely high fineness of melamine foam is a characteristic of the filter industry. Because the opening rate of melamine cotton is extremely high, reaching 99.5%, it can filter some extremely fine or even nano-scale materials, such as ceramic abrasives and so on. In addition, the soilless cultivation industry can also take advantage of the extremely high opening rate of melamine foam to retain water and liquid medicine in large quantities and for a long time, so that crops can germinate and grow quickly, and it is convenient for transportation.

This Shanghai International Foam Material Technology Industry Exhibition not only allowed us to promote the company’s products and exchange application experience, but also broadened our horizons and gained an opportunity.

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Post time: Apr-29-2022