Minth Group R&D Center visited us for research

On November 23, 2022, the senior team of Minth Group Innovation Research Center, led by General Manager Xiong Dong, came to our company to conduct research on the application of melamine foam products in the automotive industry and the electric power industry. Our company is accompanied by Mr. Jiang Hongwei, the chairman, Ms. Jiang Meiling, the general manager, and relevant persons in charge of the sales department and technical department. The Research Center of Minth Group is very interested in the application of melamine materials in power batteries and car bodies. It believes that it is rare to combine lightweight, flame retardant, cushioning, heat preservation, and high cost performance in the same material. And prepare to work with Tsinghua University to combine melamine foam with other materials and use it between the battery and the car body to replace the original design, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the space in the car, keeping the battery warm at low temperature, and reducing the weight of the vehicle. To solve a series of pain points of new energy vehicles.

We had in-depth exchanges with Minth Group in a frank and friendly atmosphere, and achieved many consensuses. For example, in the lower part of the battery water-cooled plate, due to the insulation and buffering of irregular parts, a material that can closely fit the parts is required, and the characteristics of our melamine foam just meet the relevant technical requirements. Therefore, Minth’s designer also said that after returning home, he will immediately formulate a design plan, pass a period of testing, and mass-produce as soon as possible.

It is reported that Minth Group’s visit this time is related to their deployment of power battery pack production lines in Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland. High-quality material suppliers are needed to continue to supply European factories in a timely and timely manner. Since our company is not only a certified supplier of CATL, but also very close to their company, we are very willing to cooperate with us.

Post time: Nov-23-2022