YDN535 Completely Water-borne High Imino Methylated Melamine Resin

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Usage:Suitable for water-borne coatings, emulsion paints and other water-soluble coating systems.

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Suitable for water-borne wood lacquer coatings, emulsion paint systems, and other water-soluble coating systems.


YDN535 resin is a partially methylated melamine-formaldehyde resin with medium degree of alkylation, high methylol content, and high imino functionality.

YDN535 has good compatibility with water-soluble anionic polymers, dispersants, and emulsions.

YDN535 resin is highly self-condensing, improving film hardness and increasing the heat resistance of water-soluble polymers.

YDN535 can be adjusted to a neutral pH with amine to obtain appropriate stability, and can maintain stability with any amine bridging agent with a pH between 7.0 and 8.5.

YDN535 requires a weak acid catalyst under general baking conditions. Using weak acid (organic or inorganic acid) as a catalyst for film formation is very effective.


Appearance: Transparent viscous liquid

Solvent: Water

Non-volatile content (105℃×3h)/%: ≥78

Viscosity (30℃)/mPa.s: 800~1500

Density kg/m³ (23℃): 1250

Flash point ℃ (closed cup): >100

Free formaldehyde (weight %): ≤0.5

pH (1:1): 8.5~9.5

Storage period: 3 months


Alcohols: Partially soluble

Water: Completely soluble

Ketones: Insoluble

Esters: Insoluble

Aliphatic hydrocarbons: Insoluble

Aromatic hydrocarbons: Insoluble


Water-borne polymers: Good

Dispersible polymers: Good

Emulsions: Good

 About Us

Zhejiang Yadina New Material Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiaxing Hangxing Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in 2002. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, professional production and sales of modified melamine resin and melamine foam.

Our company was specialized in producing melamine resin since establishment. On top of our mature melamine resin technology, we have expanded our technology and production to the melamine foam industry. We have established our own laboratory for continuous research and development of new melamine resin and melamine foam materials. Through the years we have obtained 13 invention patents and 13 utility model patents for melamine foam plastic material and its production technology. We are the only professional manufacturer domestically and internationally that can produce a diverse series of melamine foam plastic products, including the semi-rigid melamine foam, which has applied for patents in the United States and Japan and is under substantive examination.

Besides the superior capability of water absorption, our melamine foam also has excellent sound and heat insulation capabilities as well. The material has been used not only in household cleaning, but much more in industrial fields, e.g. power battery insulation material, aerospace ultra-light materials, flame-retardant construction materials, acoustic materials, etc. With a complete and established quality management system, our company had been appraised by our customers in our high quality products and competitive pricing.


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