YDN8080A Water-borne Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin Stiffening Agent

Short Description:

Yadina’s melamine-formaldehyde resin is a highly concentrated liquid obtained by reacting melamine and formaldehyde followed by methanol etherification. It can be dissolved in water in any proportion. It is widely used as a stiffening agent or crosslinking agent in textile finishing, and is one of the best and most versatile textile resin processing agents available. It has been widely and commonly used in the textile industry, such as in planting velvet cloth, silk flower cloth, non-woven fabric, wedding dress fabric, luggage fabric, lining fabric, interlining fabric, mesh fabric, tent fabric, coated fabric, lace fabric, etc. It provides cotton fibers with lasting wrinkle resistance and shrink resistance, and provides polyester fibers with lasting shaping and solidity.

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Product Features

  1. Appearance: Transparent viscous liquid;
  2. Effective ingredient: 80.0 ± 0.2%;
  3. pH: 8.0 – 10.0;
  4. Viscosity (30°C): 800 – 1200cps;
  5. Free formaldehyde (weight %): 0.4-0.6%;
  6. Storage stability: Can be stored for 3 months in a cool and ventilated place, can be frozen;
  7. Solubility: Can be dissolved in water in any proportion, and can form colloids with certain acids;
  8. Compatibility: Can be used in conjunction with most textile auxiliaries;
  9. Bath stability: Stable for more than 5 hours in the bath.

Processing Characteristics

A)    Cellulose fiber fabrics

The following characteristics can be obtained by using the resin and YT in combination to process cellulose fiber strong products:

  1. High wrinkle and shrink resistance, durable and washable;
  2. Durable mechanical processing performance after washing;
  3. The tension caused by resin processing is minimized, and it has good resistance to chlorine;
  4. Increases the wash fastness of many direct dyes;
  5. Enhances resistance to hydrolysis caused by acid or releasing acid substances;
  6. Does not change color due to heat treatment;
  7. Extremely low residual formaldehyde on the fabric surface, greatly reducing the tendency of the product to have a formalin odor during storage after fabric processing;
  8. No fishy smell.

B)    Synthetic fibers

The resin can provide the following properties for NYLON, DACRON or other hydrophobic synthetic fibers:

  1. Comfortable hand feel;
  2. Ideal stiffness and high elasticity;
  3. Highly water-resistant and dry-cleaning resistant;
  4. No surface resin phenomenon;
  5. No odor during storage period;
  6. Reduced mechanical processing problems and pollution.

Instructions for Use

  1. Fabric conditions: The fabric must be clean and must not contain any substance that can hinder resin penetration, normal processing and bath stability, such as acid, alkali, salt or other substances.
  2. Bath preparation: There are no special precautions or techniques for bath preparation, since this product can be dissolved in water in any proportion at room temperature. The choice of catalyst depends on the heat treatment equipment and processing method;
  3. Catalyst compatibility: Catalysts such as YT-01, YT-02, YT-03 can be used.

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