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Yadina melamine foam plastic, also known as melamine foam or melamine sponge, is a highly porous, inherently flame-retardant soft foam material that is made by foaming melamine resin under specific process conditions. When exposed to an open flame, the surface of the foam begins to burn, immediately decomposing and producing a large amount of inert gas that dilutes the surrounding air. At the same time, a dense char layer quickly forms on the surface, effectively isolating oxygen and causing the flame to extinguish itself. This material does not produce droplets or toxic fumes, thus eliminating traditional polymer foam fire safety hazards. Therefore, even without the addition of flame retardants, the flame retardancy of this foam can meet the B1 level low flammability material standard (German standard) specified by DIN4102 and the V0 level high flame retardancy material standard (American Insurance Association standard) specified by UL94.

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The foam material also has a three-dimensional grid structure with an open-cell rate of over 99%, which not only allows sound waves to be effectively transformed into grid vibration energy and consumed and absorbed, showing excellent sound insulation performance, but also effectively blocks the convection heat transfer of air. In addition, its unique thermal stability makes it have good heat insulation and insulation properties.

Furthermore, Yadina’s soft melamine foam plastic has a density of only 8-10Kg/m3, making it highly processable. It can work in environments ranging from low temperatures of -200℃ to high temperatures of 200℃. It is widely used in the fields of building construction, sports fields, factory equipment, electronic products, automobiles, power batteries, high-speed rail, aviation, and navigation. It is especially suitable for sound absorption, noise reduction, vibration reduction, insulation, and heat preservation under fire retardant and high-temperature conditions. Yadina’s melamine foam plastic also has miraculous cleaning capabilities and high water  absorption and moisture retention, making it widely used in areas such as soilless agriculture and ink cartridges.

Yadina’s soft melamine foam has a width of up to 1300mm, a height of up to 400mm, and can be customized in length. The 1300mm width meets the requirement of many industrial sheet materials with a width of 1000mm.

Yadina’s soft melamine foam comes in white, gray, or other customized colors. Various sizes and profiles can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different places.

The conventional packaging material used is polyethylene plastic film.

Deep Processing of Melamine Foam Plastic

By using Yadina melamine foam and profiles, the following deep processing for different fields can be carried out:

1、Mechanical processing:

Yadina melamine foam can be processed into single-piece products by cutting and pressing. It can also be processed into sheet and complex irregular geometric shapes by machining methods such as shaping, cutting, and milling, and the surface can be processed into conical or chevron-shaped sound-absorbing products to meet the sound-absorbing requirements

2、Surface coating:

In order to color or improve mechanical properties, Yadina melamine foam can be coated on the surface by spraying, rolling, and coating.

3、Connection and immersion:

Due to its excellent chemical resistance, ordinary adhesive materials such as acrylic resin can be used for connecting Yadina melamine foam. Solvent-based and reactive resin adhesives can also be used under consideration of their chemical resistance. Excess liquid can be extruded by a twin-screw extruder to speed up the drying process.

4、Hot pressing:

Yadina melamine foam sheets can be made into embossed sound-absorbing ceilings and rolls by hot pressing molds, while the surface strength is also improved. They can be easily combined with materials such as metal foil, textiles, and non-woven fabrics to produce a series of sound-absorbing, insulation, and thermal insulation products to meet the needs of different places and working conditions.

5、Water and oil repellency:

The water and oil repellency of the surface-treated Yadina melamine foam can be used in other special fields.

Main technical indicators of soft melamine sponge

Test item Test standard Description Test results Remarks
Flammability GB/T2408-2008 Test Method: B-Vertical Combustion VO level
UL-94 Experimental Method: Lateral Combustion HF-1 level
GB 8624-2012 B1 level
ROHS IEC 62321-5:2013 Determination of cadmium and lead Pass
IEC 62321-4:2013 Determination of mercury
IEC 62321:2008 Determination of PBBs and PBDEs
REACH EU REACH Regulation No. 1907/2006 209 substances of very high concern Pass
Sound absorption GB/T 18696.1-2004 noise reduction factor 0.95
GB/T 20247-2006/ISO 354:2003 Thickness 25mmThickness 50mm NRC=0.55NRC=0.90
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K GB/T 10295-2008 EXO Thermal conductivity meter 0.0331
Hardness ASTM D2240-15el Shore OO 33
Basic Specification ASTMD 1056 permanent compression set 17.44
ISO1798 elongation at break 18.522
ISO 1798 Tensile Strength 226.2
ASTM D 3574 TestC 25℃ compressive stress 19.45Kpa 50%
ASTM D 3574 Test C 60℃ compressive stress 20.02Kpa 50%
ASTM D 3574 Test C -30℃ compressive stress 23.93Kpa 50%

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